Quick Data Recovery From Unmountable Mac Hard Drive

Is your Mac hard drive failed to mount?
Are you feared losing your data while formatting the unmountable Mac drive?
Do you find disk utility unable to fix the unmountable Mac hard drive problem?

Mac is a widely used operating system with number of advanced and excellent features that people love to have. The hard drive of Mac computer system has been divide into several logical parts called volumes so that to independently arrange the software files, system files and the data saved by users. When the Mac system boots up the operating system at first mounts the local file systems that help OS X to collect all information relating to the corresponding volumes to start system. It clearly means that to boot Mac PC correctly the accessing of logical volume must be mounted properly.

Why Mac hard drive failed to mount?

But, there comes several uninvited situations when due to some unpredictable errors the Mac volume goes unmounted resulting in inaccessibility of data stored. There are lots of reasons leading to unmounted logical volumes such as:

  • The virus or malware infection in system.
  • The file system is corrupted or damaged.
  • Operating system malfunction.
  • Volume header corruption.
  • Hard drive related issues.
  • Damages in the firmware.
  • Map partition corruption, etc.

Repair unmounted Mac volume with Disk utility

Now, when the Mac volume is corrupted because of any of the above reasons then user may lose huge amount of essential data saved on the Mac volume. The first and foremost solution to overcome this issue is to use the Disk utility. The following steps help to unmount Mac hard drive with disk utility:

  • Insert Mac installation disk and start system again by pressing and holding the key ‘C’.
  • Now select Disk utility from the Installer menu and then click on ‘First Aid’ tab.
  • Select Mac hard drive.
  • Finally click on ‘Repair’ option to begin the checking and repairing of disk with Disk utility.  

However, it happens that the Disk utility not always resolve the Mac OS X issues and leave user with the as it is  problem and also the fear of data loss. In such situation the most appropriate solution for users is to format the drive and restore erased Mac data with the help of a powerful Mac data recovery tool. Formatting hard drive erases all the data saved on the Mac volume and due to this reason users are always suggested to keep backup of data on hard drive.

Avoid data loss with up-to-date backup

The backups are greatly helpful to users in preventing any data loss on the Mac hard drive and even without wasting any single amount of money. Therefore, user must keep updated backup of data on the Mac volume. But, there may arrive some situations when the backup is either not created or is not working. Thus, users are left with only solution to retrieve lost Mac data using a professional third party tool.

Mac data recovery to restore data

The Mac data recovery software is an excellent recovery program to bring back entire missing, deleted, or lost data on the Mac drive without any data damage. The utility easily and safely recover the unmountable Mac volumes within quick interval of time and without much hassle. It is a robust recovery program with amazing combination of simplicity and advanced recivery features.

Here are some of the remarkable characteristics of Mac data recovery software:

  • Safely recovers data from unmounted or failed Mac hard drive.
  • Ability to retrieve data from all HFSX, HFS+, and FAT hard drive volumes.
  • The tool is provided with user friendly wizard so that not just a technical user but also a non-technical user can simply understand and run the software.
  • Also, works well in case of LaCie drive files
  • The software is greatly compatible with all versions of Mac machines.
  • User can also see the preview of files before making confirm recovery.
  • The data recovered can be saved at any wanted location.

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