Mac File Recovery: How to do Unmountable Partition Mac Recovery

Are you to unable access your stored data from Mac OS X? Facing trouble due to unmountable Mac partition? Searching for some effective recovery option? If yes, then you are lucky enough! As here available one of the best and reliable Mac file recovery software, by using which you can easily be able to mount your Mac volumes. But, before going in depth regarding its recovery process, lets have an introductory look on, why the need of Mac volume partition arises? What are the reasons behind its corruption?


Partitioning a Mac volume means fragmenting the entire storage data into several logical fragments. So, that users are able to store all their relevant data in a separate and organized way. But, initially when you create a new partition onto your Mac system, it is in Unmounted condition and unaccessible. But, when you boot your system afterward, it get mounted by the installed Mac OS X.
However, sometime due to some error or improper file format, the Mac OS X fails to mount the Mac volume. The most common reasons behind it are;

  • Virus attack
  • Improper file transfer
  • Improper file formatting
  • Corrupted OS
  • Catalog file error
  • Human error

Way to Retrieve Data From Unmountable Mac Partition Volume

Mac file recovery software is a professional tool to perform unmountable partition mac recovery. It has been so powerfully designed that even beginner users are able to fix Mac volume error, regenerate directory files, etc. Moreover, the tool also show its effectiveness in case of catalog file error, volume bitmap recovery, etc. So, no matter what ever the situation is, one can easily be able to repair and recovery all their Mac data. Beside that, Mac file recovery software also resolve compatibility issue by providing better compatibility on Mac OS X. So, try it and easily recover lost, corrupted Mac files from Mac volume.

Way to Fix Unmountable Mac Partition Error

Step 1: Download and install Mac file recovery software.

Step 2: Lunch it, thereafter, all the partitioned volume are displayed.

Step 3: Select the drive which contain operating system and press the Start Scan Button.

Step 4: Wait till the scanning gets overred.

Step 5: Select the location to save the recovered files.

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