Mac OS X Data Recovery: Best Way to Fix Unmountable Boot Volume Error

Unmountable boot volume is one of the cunning error messages which you might faces while operating your computer system. Once the PC got affected by this error message, then it indicate that their might be a problem with your boot sector or you have a faulty hard drive. However, once the problem takes place, your system fails to respond and a dead blue screen appears which makes your PC almost useless. There are numerous of reasons behind the occurrence of such annoying error message, some of them shown below.

Causes for Unmountable Boot Volume Error:

  • Corruption in hard drive data
  • Virus attack
  • Faulty hard drive
  • Problem with SATA/PATA cable
  • Might USB hubs fails to respond
  • Problem with BIOS Sector
  • Corrupted external drive containing Operating system
  • Operating PC on sluggish power supply
  • Hardware and software issues


Symptoms of Unmountable Boot Volume Error

  • Before the occurrence of Unmountable boot volume error, system shows slow and sluggish behavior
  • Several installed application fails to respond
  • A deep blue screen appears containing some annoying messages¬†
  • System got terminated automatically
  • You might fail to install any new application
  • PC even shows a notification like “Operating on low disk space”

How to Fix Unmountable Boot Volume Blue Screen Error

However, to get rid of such devastating situation and to regain the smooth functionality of the PC, users might go for complete formatting of their hard drive. They even create a new partition, which loss all their precious data. But, unfortunately, even after perform all thse activities, users are still be unable to operate their computer system.

Now What to Do?

At this juncture, Mac partition Recovery software came for your rescue. By using which, you cane easily be able to repair the boot drive and get rid from Unmountable boot volume error message. Moreover, the tool has been sophisticatedly developed by the experts, so that even a beginner users are able to perform all the recovery process easily an effectively. Further, Mac partition recovery software not only fixes the problem of unmountable boot drive but also works well in case of data corruption. It can easily retrieve deleted Mac files and other stored data. Therefore, don’t waste your time, download it and regain the functionality of your computer system at own.

Procedure to Fix Unmountable Error

Step 1: Download and install Mac partition recovery software.

Step 2: Lunch it, thereafter, all the partitioned volume are displayed.

Step 3: Select the drive which contain operating system and press the Start Scan Button.

Step 4: Wait till the scanning gets overred.

Step 5: Select the location to save the recovered files.

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